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Turnout 74

Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 7:05 pm
by Keith T-N
Hope you and your family’s are well.
You should all have received Turnout 73, I’m not sure if our oversea members have received there’s yet.
I am now working on Turnout 74 but I need your help, I could do with some articles, it doesn’t have to be pages, just a bit about what you are building during lockdown, just a couple of lines and a photo would be fine. An article what ever size would be great. I was talking to one of the model engineer suppliers a couple of weeks ago and they where saying how busy they are with people working in the workshops as they can’t get out. Also if you have been reading a book on railways a little write up would be good, if someone could review Doug Hewson constructing wagons book ( the box set ) that would be good too, I can do some photos of that, so just words needed.
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If you have trouble give me a ring, number is in Turnout and I’ll give you my personal email address, or send by post again, address is in Turnout.
Thank you in advance
stay safe
Keith editor GL5 Turnout