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Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 3:18 pm
by Membership
Dear Member,

As many of you have encountered difficulties when trying to send your renewal fee by bank transfer I have again contacted HSBC and, because of the new anti-fraud recommendations, banks now require confirmation of the precise name of the account. This means that our usual abbreviation for the name of our society is not sufficient and it must therefore be written out in full - Ground Level 5" Gauge Main Line Association as per the heading on the front page of your magazine. The gentleman I spoke to said it was not 'case sensitive' but ...

I hope that this will prove useful and you do not experience any more difficulties.

Take care and stay safe.

See update below


Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:17 pm
by Admin
The bank has now changed it's mind, they have decided that they will not allow the use of symbols, so for bank transfers you must now use the title

Ground Level 5 Gauge Main Line Association

I know, it's not our name, but that is all they'll accept. Oddly, they will accept cheques made out to GL5MLA at least for the time being!

Aren't banks wonderful.