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Maxitrak Locos.

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 12:59 am
by David Girling
Hi to all members. Hope the Lock-in is not proving too arduous.

I am hoping to purchase either a Maxitrak 5" Class 25 or a Brush 0-4-0 Diesel (D2999) in the next few months and was wondering if any members have got experience of either loco that they would like to share. I only have a short ,single-track, out and back line in construction at the moment but would be interested in hearing anybodies views/comments.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Re: Maxitrak Locos.

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:40 pm
by Matt Fowles
Hi David,

I don't have any real experience with either but there's an article on the Class 25 in Turnout 71. Only gripes mentioned are a lack of cab detail "out of the box" and the lamp irons being rather fragile- neither a deal breaker I would suggest. A number of the commercially available 5" diesel outline models are a little "off" in terms of either scale or shape, obviously I've not run a ruler over one but to my eyes the Maxitrak "Rat" is one of the better ones and really looks the part. It's also a good size, big enough to be useful while being small enough to be relatively transportable (although they are still fair size).

There's a Maxitrak Brush that is a regular at GL5 events, I should know who owns it but the name escapes me currently! They are rather over scale height in order to accommodate a car sized battery- this is only really obvious when it's parked next to Dave Noble's one which is to scale!

I think the Maxitrak "Jubilee" is actually closer to scale (I don't believe it has a battery in the locomotive, although you could fit a small one for radio control as with Dave's Brush), but the prototype was only ever trialled on BR (there's a photo of it on the GWR side of the Gloucester docks network HERE) and to the best of my knowledge didn't get any form of BR identification so doesn't strictly fit in with the GL5 ethos.

Re: Maxitrak Locos.

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:18 pm
by Admin
Hi David,
I agree with Matt. The Class 25 is a very useful and quite realistic loco. Being a Jack of all trades you can use it for anything, especially useful at GL5 events.
You may well find the Brush a disappointment, it's a nice idea, but poorly executed. Speed is far too high, and it's a poor representation of the prototype. Compare it with a scale model and you might wonder if they were both based on the same loco.
If you study back numbers of Turnout, or Youtube videos of Shildon and Saracen's Head, you will see scratch built and Maxitrak versions of both the Brush and Class 25.
A last thought, as there is already a scale and a Maxitrak Brush regularly attending GL5 rallies, another one would be a bit of overkill for a "one off". A bit like 3 "Evening Stars" at one event.

Re: Maxitrak Locos.

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:36 pm
by Matt Fowles
Admin wrote:
Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:18 pm
A last thought, as there is already a scale and a Maxitrak Brush regularly attending GL5 rallies, another one would be a bit of overkill for a "one off". A bit like 3 "Evening Stars" at one event.
I didn't want to say that but I did think it!

Another option is the class 08- there are lots in GL5 but since there were lots in real life too it doesn't seem so strange to see multiples of them. There are several companies doing them, S&D Castings who advertise in Turnout being one, AP Model Engineering another (although they appear to use the same body moulding, which again isn't 100% scale although it's closer than the Maxitrak Brush). It's a slightly larger and more powerful machine than the Brush (although probably not Dave's one which I suspect will pull anything you put behind it, albeit slowly) but it should still be a one man lift with the batteries out, unlike the 25 (unless you have very long arms anyway).

The article on the 25 isn't credited- now I think about it that's almost certainly because it was written by Keith (the editor) so it'd be worth dropping him a line for a first hand experience- I think he may have an 08 too.

Re: Maxitrak Locos.

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:39 pm
by Keith T-N
Hi David
Yes Matt is right there’s an article in Turnout 71 on the Maxitrak 25 its mine. I’m really pleased with her it’s a great piece of kit, My details are in Turnout under Keith, Editor, drop me a mail or give me a ring, evenings best.

Re: Maxitrak Locos.

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 4:15 pm
by alan w
Hi everyone hope all are well and keeping safe, I am the person who has the Maxitrak Brush. I was at Doncaster Exhibition in 2018 with wagons on our stand and at that time I had never had a Diesel outline Loco, my loco’s were all live steam, at age 75 then I was beginning to feel the effects of age creeping on and after seeing Maxitrak Stand thought lets try a more manageable type of Loco, I subsequently bought the first production model of the Brush which was in kit form. Subsequently I built it up and that is what has been seen at GL5 meetings. Because this is my first venture into diesel traction it has been a learning curve exercise. Basic loco is just hand held control so I decided to add better control from radio control and added an Mtroniks Perkins Diesel sound card. The Loco is a pretty powerful bit of kit very ideal for GL5 shunting duties. So that there would be no conflict of same Loco I decided to give it a fictitious number ( 2018 ). It is true what Dave Noble says the speed is quite impressive more due to me being over enthusiastic on the R.C. Joystick. For various reasons I decided to part with one of my Live Steam Jubilee’s in exchange for two Diesels from Simon Hudson at Steam Workshop, I now have weathered Class 37 that is on page 8 Turnout 71 ( also in background is my Brush ) and Class 35 that is being fitted with radio control, Mtroniks sound and smoke generator, some time soon I intend to send some editorial to Keith for Turnout about my new adventure into Diesel traction Electronics. The Brush will be up for sale soon if interested contact details can be gained from Elizabeth Cooling Membership Secretary.