German Wine barrel wagon

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German Wine barrel wagon

Post by Scrat » Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:54 am

As there is not much happening under this topic I would like to show my newest addition:

These wagons were privately owned so every supplier/wine merchant had them built to his specifications.
There were some with one barrel, some with two or even three. Some were fitted lengthwise, others not.
Some had a running board over the whole length, some only had a ladder.........endless variety.
I had a look at the available plans, photos, models and created my impression on a wine barrel wagon.
As always it must look the part, be probable but not a reproduction up to the last rivet.

Yesterday in the shed, on the lifting traverser:

Valves still in brass (forgot to paint them):

Running-board made of wood and metal mesh (Elf ´n Safety):

This one fits into my local freight train (either with the class 55 or the Bavarian PtL 2/2)
Chassis is welded steel with rubber-block suspension. Wine barrels are off-the-shelf items.
As I did not want the standard "BORDEAUX" written on the boards (like the HO-gauge Märklin Model) I opted for my two favourite Georgian wines.
Georgia has a script that is not related to any other in the world. Pretty hard to learn. 33 letters. (They had 38 a few centuries ago...)

Best regards

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