Where to buy wheelsets?

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Where to buy wheelsets?

Post by Scrat » Sat Jun 03, 2023 10:32 am

I am planning to build a driving truck that matches my TIGER.

The idea is to have a bogie wagon with both bogies looking like RCH chassis and two bodies (a 5 plank and a covered van) on a common frame.
This will give the riding quality of a bogie wagon and not spoil the look.

Where can I buy spoked wheelsets, about 8cm diameter, suitable for passenger hauling and with the correct GL5 profile?
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Re: Where to buy wheelsets?

Post by Admin » Sat Jun 03, 2023 4:35 pm

Yorkshire Wagon Co is probably your best bet for castings. Slaters do nice ones, but they have nylon wheels (steel tyre) so may not be suitable for passenger carrying.
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