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Hi all

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:14 am
by Pete Myford
Hi all,
From the age of four, I have been attracted to rail steam and diesel locomotives, during my mid to late teens I was involved in 5" model engineering at the Harlington Locomotive Society near Heathrow Airport. At this time other distractions in life came along including women, business, family and many other commitments and interests. However, my interest in railways has always remained. Forty three years later, at the age of sixty one, I have recently retired and decided to engage once again in this fascinating hobby. To introduce me back into the hobby, I recently purchased a Class 37 diesel and have been actively involved with my local club, Kinver SME, running the loco and upgrading its features along with a driving truck and control desk.
I knew it would happen! As soon as I got the smell of Welsh Steam Coal I would want a steam locomotive! So, I'm just about to embark upon a purchase of a Sweet Pea. I can hear the sighs and raising of eyebrows from the traditional members of this particular forum, but you must understand we do not all possess the engineering skills or facilities to own a scale mainline locomotive so I've had to opt for the option that suits a novice with limited engineering experience and facilities. I will of course keep my Class 37 that I hope will gain me entry to the organisations meets and rallies that I am very keen to attend.
I have never experienced ground level so I'm very excited to get involved at the earliest opportunity.
Look forward to meeting you all.